The Weather Proof Bride

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The Weather Proof Bride
by Erica Jackson Curran
by becky

How to Conquer Bad Weather on Your Wedding Day | Smitten Magazine | Photo by Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

How to Conquer Bad Weather on Your Wedding Day

Whoever said that a rainy wedding day is good luck never had to deal with 150 soaking-wet guests at an outdoor ceremony. Bad weather is the biggest threat to any wedding, but with the proper preparation, you can ensure than neither snow nor rain nor heat will prevent you from making your marital march with a smile on your face.

Be prepared for wardrobe adjustments.
The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be running around buying umbrellas for your guests. Rather than take the risk, stock up on plenty of supplies to deal with whatever weather comes your way. Is there a chance of rain? Make sure you have umbrellas and Wellies in your wedding colors. You’ll also want to adjust your hair and makeup if it doesn’t mesh with the forecast.

Keep your guests comfortable.
Because many of your guests might be travelling from afar, they may not be prepared for unexpected weather — so it’s up to you to make sure they’re comfortable. In the summer months, your ceremony programs can double as fans, while a self-service cold drink station is always appreciated. If you’re outdoors during a cold snap, warm cashmere throws can be piled in a basket or draped over the chairs for chilly guests.

Embrace the dramatic photo opp.
Stormy skies, rain showers or snow may not have been in your plans, but you’ve got to admit: They’re a great backdrop for photos. Talk with your photographer beforehand about how you might best take advantage of less-than-ideal weather conditions when it comes time to take your portraits.

Open up your schedule.
If the worst of the weather is to be short-lived, consider rearranging your schedule to accommodate. Switching your indoor cocktail hour with your outdoor ceremony may just allow you to miss the rain and exchange your vows with a rainbow overhead.

Keep your guests in the loop.
When bad weather hits, your guests will no doubt wonder if everything is still on schedule. Rather than spend the morning of your wedding fielding concerned phone calls, make sure you have everyone’s phone numbers or email addresses so that you can keep them informed of any important updates (venue changes, time changes, etc.).

Have a worst-case-scenario plan in place.
Many couples just cross their fingers, hoping bad weather won’t strike on their wedding day. Those same couples often end up with a day fraught with confusion, disarray and disappointment. Avoid letting that happen to you by having a hyper-specific plan in place regarding any and all possibilities. Ask yourself what you’d do in the case of a hurricane, a snowstorm or heat wave. Have a backup plan in place that you know you will still be happy with.

Embrace it!
The most important thing to do if bad weather threatens your big day? Don’t let it get you down! You’re still marrying the person you love surrounded by your friends and family. You’ve planned an amazing party, and there’s no way you’re going to let a little bad weather ruin it for you!

Erica Jackson Curran is a wedding-obsessed writer who has contributed to publications including Charleston Style & Design, Virginia Bride and Breathe Magazine. She shares her creative wedding planning ideas on the blog.

How to Conquer Bad Weather on Your Wedding Day | Smitten Magazine | Photo by Sean Money + Elizabeth FayHow to Conquer Bad Weather on Your Wedding Day | Smitten Magazine | see full editorial in Volume 11Find this Editorial in Volume 11 along with beautiful Styled Shoots, Real Weddings, and Design Tutorials.

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Editorial: Erica Jackson Curran for Wedding Paper Divas | Photographer: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay | Clear Bubble Umbrella: | Guilded Parasol: Luna Bazaar | Palm Fan: Favors and Flowers | Cashmere Throw: Cashmere Boutique | Rain Boots: Hunter

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