The Romantique Collection

by becky on 07.15.14

in Bridal Style

by becky
The new collection from Claire Pettibone is an ethereal dream. A dream that one can get lost in — lost in flowing chiffon and whimsical silhouettes. The price tags also seem like a dream varying from $1500 to $2800. The perfect collection for Spring 2015 weddings. The designer herself describes it as “a little Moroccan villa, a touch English garden. Timeless with a vintage vibe. Polaroid-soft light and lavender fields. Graceful, poetic, bohemian wedding gowns priced under $3000, made with love in Los Angeles.” A bohemian dream with graceful poise. We love everything about this collection!
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View the full feature and our Q&A with Claire Pettibone in Volume 11 here.

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