Sage Paper Co. – A Studio Tour

by Cynthia on 03.31.17

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by Cynthia

From Radian Photography:

We couldn’t help but want to share this shoot with you because, as artists, we love learning about the process that other artists take and the people, experiences, and memories that motivate and inspire them. We had the privilege of getting to photograph Alexa, of Sage Paper Co., a bespoke paper goods studio and hear about her grandmother, also an artist, who inspires her to create. Below is her description of why she creates and what it means to her to be an artist. Alexa, Owner, Sage Paper Co.

I savor each moment of this reunion with the summers of my childhood. It has been six years since I walked these narrow halls and breathed in this fresh New England air. Walking through this home as if for the first time, I notice frames spanning across every wall, filled with carefully curated images from my grandmother’s life. Each scene intentionally painted and commemorated forever – a legacy created. I grew up going to galleries, seeing her work on every wall of her home, but I never imagined that could be me. It wasn’t until two years ago that I began to develop my own identity as an artist. Artist. A word I still trip over a bit, perhaps due to the weight it holds for me. This weight became stronger as I spent the weekend in my grandmother’s art studio. Twenty-year-old paint tubes filled drawers, brushes stood tall in cloudy jars, and the smell of turpentine wafted through the air. I sat on her squeaky stool surrounded by decades of experimentation, perseverance, failure, success, and courage. After a life filled with successful careers from soap opera actress to corporate training, she settled into a slower rhythm as a painter. She dedicates her days studying the art of watercolor, sharing her work in galleries, and challenging herself to hone skills in new mediums.

I listen to her stories of her dedicated practice as an artist. She speaks not only of the wonder of creating art, but to my surprise, the discipline of the practice of it. Days spent staring at a blank canvas, creatively drained and unmotivated. Crumpled, rejected drawings scattered on the floor. The feeling of defeat when nothing turns out quite how you had hoped. She shares that it’s these moments, when inspiration fails, that discipline carries you through. Studying the intricacies of an art form and dedicating time to experimentation and practice is what opens up the opportunity for the wonder of art to shine. Artistry is not always a finished piece, sometimes it’s simply the act of putting paint on paper in the attempts of learning something new. Furthermore, it’s letting go of expectations of grandeur and accepting your art for what it is – a courageous and vulnerable act of letting your soul breathe freely.

Photographer: Radian Photography | Invitations & Stationery: Sage Paper Co. | Styling: Jenn Squizzato

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