Oh, the Humidity!

by Pamela on 05.30.13

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Oh, the Humidity!
by Beauty Editor
by Pamela

Along with this lovely spring/summer-time weather comes the Debbie-Downer of ‘Dos: Humidity.  Well, don’t accept it. . . fight back with the help of some fine stylists on the front lines in the battle against the Higher Dew Point:

Tanesha Dupree of Affair Hair by Tanesha recommends Joico’s Humidity Blocker.  “This product is to be sprayed on top of hairspray; it is the ‘Raincoat for Hair’.”


Alise Buckner of Hair by Alise, likes two products:  #1 / Marrakesh Leave-In Treatment with Argan & Hemp Oils.  “. . .for normal or coarse hair textures. Spray it through the ends on damp hair and style as usual.”

#2 / Osis Magic Finish Serum   Alise shares, “Use 2-3 drops, melt it into your hands, run through your ends and style. This product works better on finer-hair textures.”

Charlotte Belk of Elysium Salon offers three tried-and-true humidity-tamers. She swears by Bumble+Bumble’s Defrizz applied to damp hair, before a blow-out, as a first line of defense.

Next on Charlotte’s anti-humidity list is Oribe’s Impermeable Spray, used as a touch-up after a blow-out, between shampoos. Lastly, according to Charlotte, for her “unruly, coarse-haired” clientele, she recommends a keratin treatment. This lasts between 4-6 months and keeps hair nice, sleek, and frizz-free.

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