Smitten Logo wins award

by becky on 09.27.12

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by becky


Our Creative Director and design extraordinaire, Becky Hoppmann, has been recognized as a winner for the 2012 How Design Logo Award! Her incredible work on the Smitten Magazine logo has earned her top 10 honors. Becky deserves loads of praise for her talent and we want to say thank YOU, Becky! You have put Smitten and it’s lovely logo on the map! The judge described Smitten’s logo as, “Playful yet formal. Traditional yet hip. This design does a terrific job of finding the sweet spots between opposing objectives — and it does so with enviable grace and agility.” Well, fancy that! We couldn’t agree more! Lots of love to How Design and congratulations Becky!


The Smitten Team

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