“Cooking” Your Makeup. . . How to Set Your Foundation

Skindinavia, the maker of makeup-artists’ fave finishing spray, asked our Pamela Lesch her techniques for setting a foundation. Here’s what Smitten’s beauty editor had to say: HOME SHOP SKINDINAVIA PRO MAKEUP CELEBRITY MAKEUP FASHION MASTER FASTER | PAMELA LESCH ON WHERE AND WHY YOU SHOULD “COOK” YOUR FOUNDATION By Melyna Cruz We are psyched […]

BB Cream – The Kiehl’s Way

Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream | SPF50 I wish I  had discovered this product at the beginning of summer!  The apothecary-feel of Kiehl’s is back! And they’ve given us their rendition of the ubiquitous BB cream.  This product addresses one major concern: skin tone correction.  It conceals imperfections while providing continuous treatment that […]

Oh, the Humidity!

Along with this lovely spring/summer-time weather comes the Debbie-Downer of ‘Dos: Humidity.  Well, don’t accept it. . . fight back with the help of some fine stylists on the front lines in the battle against the Higher Dew Point: Tanesha Dupree of Affair Hair by Tanesha recommends Joico’s Humidity Blocker.  “This product is to be sprayed […]

BB Creams = Beautiful Brides!

One hot makeup trend is the advent of Beauty Balms.  These multi-tasking tubes-of-joy make for some lovely wedding-day or ANY-day faces.  Light, yet creamy in consistency, they contain a high level of SPF (sun protection factor), are generally moisturizing, provide a healthy glow, and a surprising amount of coverage.  Every major cosmetics line is jumping […]

Lighten Up, Brighten Up!

Lighten dark areas. Brighten insidse corners of eyes, tops of cheekbones, the “cupid’s bow” of your lips! Here are some products to help you do just that. A strategic placement of these illuminators will help bring a perky awake-ness or dewy glow to your face. Use sparingly, as a little goes a long way! Happy […]