Adventures in Paris

by becky on 03.20.12

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by becky

Our Senior Writer, Claire Keys, has returned from the lovely streets of Paris with inspiration in her back pocket. In a city where beauty is seen practically everywhere, you won’t believe the incredible details and fresh ideas she has captured with the soul of her lens. I’ve gotten a sneak peek into the dossier from her travels and it is brimming with impeccable cultural insight. There is no glass of wine nor macaroon she met that she didn’t like. Paris is a creative wonderland, especially for someone like Claire, so you can only imagine the things she stumbled upon on her adventures. The Parisian lifestyle is something that is truly incomparable and the cities’ appetite for life is all-consuming. Instinct requires that you take in every tiny moment.

Claire did just that and she’s got the photos and stories to prove it. I picture her as a chic, investigative reporter seeking divine inspiration in every nook and cranny. She even visited the world renown couture lace-maker, Sophie Hallette, a lace house that has been operating since the late 1800s. The house is most noted for its work with the iconic fashion houses: Christian Dior, Valentino, and Gucci. Oh, and let’s not forget Kate Middleton’s infamous wedding gown. I’ll let that minor teaser marinate in your imaginations for a little while…


 Oh là là, right?

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